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Andrea Reas

Associate Speech and Language Therapist

BSc, PG Dip

Andrea Reas

Mrs Andrea Reas is a member of the SMART team at Socrates which provide assessment and intervention for young people with Autistic Spectrum and related conditions. She also provides speech and language assessments and intervention, as well as consultation to schools and other agencies.

Mrs Reas has worked as a Speech and Language Therapist in the NHS for a large number of years. She has held specialist posts in Hearing Impairment, Bilingualism and Specific Language Impairment, and has worked in a Resourced Provision for Specific Language Impairment for nearly 30 years and an ‘I Can Nursery’ for approximately a decade. 

She has co-written and delivered several courses for the Local Authority, in areas such as the Inclusion Development Project (IDP), Communication, Language and Literacy (CLLD) and the Every Child a Talker Project (ECAT).

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