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Welcome to Socrates

We are an independent service established in 2007 and run by experienced clinicians working within the Greater Manchester, Lancashire and Yorkshire regions.

Our two Directors founded the company with a clear vision to deliver outstanding mental health care. They are supported by a passionate team of clinicians and administrators.


Our mission is to significantly improve or support the mental health and well-being of all who use our service by means of clinical excellence and respect for the individual in order that they can reach their full potential.

Our Mission

Our Values

The individual matters; families, carers and our partnerships matter; we work openly and honestly; we are respectful to all; we aim to continually improve and strive for excellence.

Socrates, the Greek philosopher, is credited as one of the main founders of Western philosophy, contributing to the world of therapy and ethics. He provided a way of thinking about problems known as the Socratic Method.

Using the Socratic Method, problems are broken down into a series of questions, in response to which an individual is encouraged and supported to find answers. This is known as a collaborative approach.

In the field of psychology, this approach is very influential, and is widely used in therapy and assessment, where the aim is to help uncover assumptions and evidence that underpin an individual’s problems. This ultimately helps them develop better insight and re-frame their understanding and approach to what may be troubling them.

At Socrates Psychological Services, the Socratic method is central to our work, and thus the service was named after its inspiring creator.

Why choose Socrates as our name?

 Why join Socrates?

We offer a variety of benefits to both employees and associates which add up to create a positive and supportive working environment that ensues a high level of professional satisfaction.

The overwhelmingly positive feedback we receive from our clients, both quantitive and qualitative (learn more>), is testament to the strength of our service and is real evidence of how we match actions with the words of our mission and values.

We would love to hear from you if you are considering joining our service, just click the button below for information on our open positions.



High quality, extensive and supportive supervision delivered internally and externally.

Working at Socrates Psychological Services

Career Development

We will work with you in driving your development and skills.

Working at Socrate Psychological Services

Annual Training Budget

An annual budget to pursue, develop and extend your professional expertise.

Working at Socrates Psychological Services

Free Parking

We have off road parking with plenty of spaces.

Working at Socrates Psychological Services

Full time administrative support from a fantastic and empathic admin team for you and your clients.

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