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Dr Karin Westeman

Associate Consultant Clinical Psychologist

BA Hons., MSc, MSc, CPsychol, AFBPsS

Dr Karin Westeman
Assessment and Therapy

Mrs Karin Westeman has extensive experience of working as a clinical psychologist in the NHS and independently with children, young people and their families and carers. She also has extensive experience of service development and of teaching and supervision within clinical psychology training and with other health and social care professionals.

Mrs Westeman undertakes assessment and intervention in relation to the full range of emotional, behavioural and developmental difficulties, working to address the issues with parents/carers as well as children and young people. Addressing the emotional issues for children living with a disability is a particular interest. Interventions are based on careful assessments, and integrate a range of approaches based on psychological models and theories such as behavioural, cognitive, attachment and personal construct theory.

Neurodevelopmental Disorders

Mrs Westeman has a special interest in autism spectrum conditions and neurodevelopmental difficulties. She is trained and experienced in a range of psychometric assessments and other approaches such as ADOS and DISCO as well as behavioural interventions, TEACCH and Social Stories. Ms Westeman is a member of the team at SCP, which provide assessment and intervention for young people with Autistic Spectrum and related conditions.


Mrs Westeman also has many years of experience of consultation and training to Local Authorities and private organisations in relation to care and assessment of children who are looked after or adopted. Addressing issues arising out of attachment difficulties is of particular interest to her.

Special Interests

Mrs Westeman has specialist knowledge in relation to bilingualism and the emotional difficulties that arise in adapting to a new culture and learning a new language as a result of refugee status or geographical relocation.


Mrs Westeman offers assessments and interventions in Swedish/Norwegian/Danish as well as English.

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