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Dr Jannine Dowling

Associate Clinical Psychologist

BSc (Hons), DClinPsy

Dr Jannine Dowling

Jannine was patient and supportive and has helped me massively I would recommend to anyone and I will quite miss her. Thank you.


Dr Dowling has worked in the NHS for over ten years and qualified as a Clinical Psychologist in 2013. She is registered with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) and now works as a Principal Clinical Psychologist. Jannine’s training and work history has covered a broad range of experience working with children and adults experiencing a variety of psychological and mental health difficulties.

Post qualification, key areas of experience are working with adults with complex mental health difficulties, people who might attract a diagnosis of ‘personality disorder’ and working with systems and teams in a consultative framework, both in the public and private sector. Jannine’s current role in the NHS involves supervising a range of professionals and managing a team which focusses on people with enduring difficulties and significant trauma histories. Jannine is experienced in providing assessment and intervention to adults affected by a range of psychological and emotional difficulties, including acute and chronic depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress reactions (PTSD), adverse childhood experiences and relational difficulties. Prior to clinical psychology training, Jannine worked extensively in the substance misuse field specialising in vulnerable young people.


Jannine’s training has enabled her to be able to practice across a number of therapeutic models; her work is integrative and informed by Cognitive Analytical Therapy (CAT), Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), psychodynamic theory and third wave approaches, such as mindfulness and Compassion Focussed Therapy (CFT) and Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT). Additionally, she is trained to use EMDR. Modes of working are dependant on the presenting needs of the individual.

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